Monday, September 17, 2012

Looking for races

So I missed the entire triathlon season in MN and now its time to start thinking about races that I can do here.  I'm doing a training ride for K2 this weekend of 100+ km in the Coromandel Peninsula.  The K2 race/ride is in October and the full race is 200km.  I may try to get off from work to do it, but I'll see how I feel after doing the training ride.  I may have a set back as I think I may have either bruised or cracked a rib with my Queenstown bike accident.  As I'm no stranger to broken bones, I know that it is pretty likely.  It hurts to breath deeply and to cough.  Pretty localized pain, but I'm still biking, running, and climbing.  Not going to let it slow me down.  There is a brutal sounding trail run call The Goat, which is a 21k (half marathon) around the ski fields of Mt Ruapehu.  This race is early December.  I know I can run a half, but with 1000m of ascent, I might be out of my league.  Upon closer inspection, the race is closed.  There is a waiting list much like several of the triathlons in my town.  I'm also looking for an adventure race to do as I'm really looking forward to testing my limits in a different fashion than just a triathlon.

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