Monday, December 10, 2012

Gutted by their decision

Summer means cruise ships which means tourists
There will be much rejoicing and lamenting.  Why?  I'll be in the States in about 6 weeks.  I'll be moving back from New Zealand.  I had been in talks with my employer about staying on as a full-time employee as an IT Manager.  Last week I was told that they don't have the budget for the position, but with the PGP application there might be funding in the future and to keep in touch.  Instead, I'll be doing my bike tour as I planned earlier this year.  I'll be unemployed living off the money I've been saving. 

So just like that I'm back in bike planning mode.  What started as an off the cuff remark by Phil spiraled into Beth and I putting ourselves out there and wanting to stay in New Zealand.  Yes, I'm disappointed about the decision as well as Beth.  She was really looking forward to moving back.  After the snow that got dumped on her today even more so.  For all those that I talked to and gave advice it was noted and I'll see you in January.  I'm planning to start my bike tour in March allowing me to spend some time at home and helping out at my niece and nephew's school fund raiser.  I'll also be enjoying some ice climbing with Kyle and Bethany from Eden Guides as well as some ribs and ramen.
My food supply has moved closer again.

I spared you guys the several long pages recapping what I've done over the past several months as far as my job is concerned.  Lets just say I did more than be a data analyst and that I learned a lot and implemented a lot of new things.  

I may have been contacted by a recruiter for a Business Systems Analyst position and I may have sent in my cv.  I'll hear back by the end of the week if I am to interview next week.  Its in a cool area, even though the town is really small.  I've biked through it a few times on the K1 and K2 rides.  Its a small town of Thames.  

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  1. Sad to hear you won't be staying in NZ indefinitely... however I think the bike tour sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear about those stories!