Monday, March 4, 2013

Immigration woes

So here is a quick update:
We are doing our immigration paperwork and it is taxing.
FBI background checks (6 week time period)
Medical Exams with blood work and chest x-rays (Charged 3 times)
Educational background checks (Ordered transcripts and sending diploma)
Previous Employment checks (Emailed previous employers for information)
Current Employment checks (Stopped in HR for files)

Was told that I would have to apply for a 2nd working visa as my current one expires in just over a month.  I asked if I couldn't get an extension until our residency application goes through.  I was told that it could take up to 9 months for that to happen and that I need to have a valid working visa in order to continue to working.  Ugh so basically have to spend close to $300 on that and a day up in Auckland at the Immigration office as I have to sign some form in front of a Justice stating that I've requested a background check from my home country and that I have not committed any crimes.  Funny things is that the items needed for both applications are about the same, but the fees are drastically.  I'm going to call Immigration again and see if they can't explain some other options as the first girl wasn't very helpful at all.

Beth is compiling her paperwork and will be sending it over to me to compile into a gigantic amount of paperwork.  She is also busy trying to rent out our house and packing.  I kind of left her with a large amount of stuff to do.  I get to deal with immigration, housing here, and purchasing a car.  She has gave her final day at her current job, but is also starting to do some consulting work during her free time.  So if you are in Minneapolis and want to live in NE we have a duplex we are renting out. 


  1. I guess my previous question was answered :)

    Are you still doing the big bike trek along the Pacific coast, or has that plan been scrapped considering the present move and employment situations?

  2. I still wish to do the bike ride, but it has been put on hold while we gain residency here. After that I'm sure I'll dust off the plans. I coincidentally have my touring bike and most of my gear here or on the way here!