Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kind of like Christmas

A very expensive Christmas that is.  Our stuff is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  Much of this stuff I haven't seen in over a year so it will be like opening a box of goodies, except they are all from ourselves and I've used the majority of them.  There are some new hiking boots as my other ones didn't not meet my expectations and they waterproofing died a tragic death after only a couple months. 

I must apologize as I haven't had the opportunity to post any pictures lately as my phone stopped uploading to Picasa.  I have a feeling I have to update to whatever Google Plus product it changed to in order to get it to work.  Much like Talk went to Hangouts and well the UI on the phone kinda sucks.  Any way, I have lots of photos that I have to manually transfer to the computer to post.  Yeah its an extra step and I don't really charge my phone by my computer.  However, once I get my desktop set-up and all the software upgraded, I might actually do a back-up of all the images and music I have on my laptop.  I would hate to see a corruption.

Beth and I bought a Honda Fit not this past weekend, but the one before.  We spent this last weekend sick.  The flu is going around the office and a lot of us got sick.  Beth has been indoctrinated with work speak already as a few of my coworkers come over to the house for lunch.  I've been whipping up little meals for us to munch on.  Its a lot better than the options in town and a fraction of the cost.  I've introduced them to spicy beans from scratch, bbq pulled pork, pancakes, french toast, homemade pizzas, and chimichurri.  It is nice to be able to make a meal for others.  Beth and I often get the left overs as well.

I've signed up for a Half Ironman in January, just happens to be around the time that Beth's parents leave.  They'll be over around Christmas time for a visit.  The people I've been swimming and running with keep asking if I have signed up for Ironman New Zealand, which is hosted in Taupo in March.  I keep saying I'm thinking about it.  I really am.  Its just that I was thinking of heading back to the States for a quick vacation in February and that would kill any training I would be doing and I would probably put on weight from catching up with all my favorite food spots.  So who knows on that one.  I'm tempted to do a 2 day adventure race in August that involves mountain biking, trail running, road riding, and kayaking.  It starts and stops in town with an over-night in Tairua (the start of K2 last year). 

So in other words, I've been keeping busy.


  1. What are the distances you have to do for the half-iron man? I recently signed up to do a marathon after swearing to never do one again. Congrats on Beth moving over there with you!

    1. 1.2 m swim
      56 m bike
      13.1 m run
      Total of 70.3 miles. Gunning for sub 5:30