Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wrapping up life in Thames and moving on

So its been awhile since the last post, but I've been busy with training and recovering.  My wrist and fingers have been giving me problems since being dumped by my bike.  I ended up getting x-rays and an MRI on it. Luckily nothing major, only that there is fluid in my wrist and the Dr is recommending that I get a cortisone shot.  I've taken the stance of reducing my swimming and riding my road bike.  I've also been delaying setting up an appointment as I'm supposed to start at my new job in Auckland on Monday, but there is a little kink with that.

I received a phone call from my new manager mid-last week asking if I would be ok starting a day early as he would like to take me to an on-site installation for my first week.  I ran it by Beth as we are scheduled to move into our new house on Saturday and I would have to catch a flight on Sunday.  Today I received confirmation that we are booked on a 1 am flight out of Auckland to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore.  So technically I'm not starting a day early only several hours, many of which I'll probably be sleeping.  What am I going to be doing there you ask?  I'm not really sure, but its a new installation of hardware and software.  There is bound to be some issues and I'll be there in the deep end trying to stay afloat.  Otherwise, I'll observe and start to learn first hand what we provide and what is required on my expected frequent travels. I guess Daytona wont be my first on-site.

I've slowly been getting used to the idea of not living in our little town.  I've been doing things one last time, like running up to the Pinnacles Hut or baking for my local friends.  Hopefully I'll stumble upon some friendly bikers and other active people up in Auckland.  The different groups of people I interact with be missed. 

There are the mountain bike crew.  Whom I met via a poster looking for worker bees on the track.  Last night we finished a section that allows us access back to the main track, even though the new track is only about a 1/3 done.  We also did trips to Rotorua and other mtb trails as well as our weekly Wed Night ride. 

Then there are the tri folks.  We swam, biked, and ran together.  And after all of that we would hit up a cafe for some drinks and snacks.  They are also the ones that talked me into my big event of the year.  I'm already thinking that I may want to top it next year with Coast to Coast, but don't let Beth know just yet.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but its getting late and I'm wanting to research where I should eat in KL.  Also need to plot out some running workouts so I don't suck at my race in a month.  If anyone wants to sending something over to us, Beth's parents are coming over for Xmas.  Email me and I can get you in contact.

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