Sunday, January 25, 2015

Race update: DNF

Just a quick recap. Ended up being only 3 swimmers that showed for the race even though more registered. They thought I was nuts for swimming bare foot, but the water wasn't that cold. Superior and early Buffalo Lake are worse and I swam those without a wetsuit. Anyway, I had a slow swim, but was first to exit at 40 minutes including the kayakers. I got on my bike and started the course. Passed by 2 guys flying at 1 hr and 1:20 into my ride. Beth said the first rider left 11 minutes after me. I made it to the grass clearing where the 50km run was happening and I assed off twice going over deceptive ditches. There was cut grass hiding even deeper trenches. The first swallowed my front wheel and I buried my handle bars in mud. I also banged up my body, bruised my knee and my chest. I continued on and about 10 minutes later my race was done. I hit a second hidden pitfall and snapped my derailleur hanger. I was about 30km into a very hilly ride and I'm fashioning a single speed. I shortened my chain so I could ride a bit but I had to apply consistent tension or the chain would drop. Going over bumps the chain would drop. I tried to make it work but lugging a broken bike over 70km in cycling shoes wasn't going to happen. Got picked up by the volunteers and driving back. Ended up being a much shorter day than I planned but the pool felt amazing.


  1. Sucks about your bike, but now there is reason to do it all again. I still think it is amazing that you did this.

  2. Bit gutted but reason to train like a nutter and carry a few extra pieces next year. For I want the bull whip that comes with first!