Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nutter? Nah just looking to maximize my weekend

Last night while attending a black tie awards ceremony with BCS, I received a text from my mountain biking friend Rick. I haven't seen Rick in months as he has been preparing for Oxfam Trailwalker and didn't want to risk injury as he is helming, Scrambled Legs. Unfortunately one of his teammates was not so  cautious and injured himself last weekend. So I got the proverbial tap on the shoulder tentatively asking if I was interested in doing an 100km in under 36hrs this coming weekend. Little does Rick know that Beth and I tried to volunteer for last year's event but the volunteer organizer never contacted us.

Anyway, I said I was keen, but had to check if I could get off of work and get down to Taupo for the weekend's event. Everything is happening fast around this: from the asking for help, to saying yes, to having my gear strewn about my living room floor as I pack up my trail gear. Tomorrow we are meeting up in Taupo where I'll meet the rest of the team and support crew as I only know Rick. I have been able to read their team site to try to get a feeling for the other characters who are willing to tackle a 100km event. They are aiming at finishing under 22hrs and would love to get under 21. I think I'll be playing a mule and just putting my head down and pulling others when I have to and make a stink when I'm not fed accordingly.

Just a little background, but the event is happening on the doorstep of our new place, which we move into in a couple weeks. The tracks are dual purpose trails for biking and running. I have done parts of the K2K, I did break my wheel the last time I was on it, and all of the W2K and Headlong track. There is the section from Whakapiro to Taupo that I've never done, but then I've done the Huka Falls and a lot around Taupo. The event will be non-stop until we are done. I plan on sleeping for the rest of the day after crossing the finish line and destroying a few pies.

A recap will come later...

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