Friday, April 8, 2016

NZ Bucket List: Revisited

So its been 4 years since we moved over here and we've done a lot, but looking back at my list. Here is what we've done that I set out to do. Granted my list has grown and maybe I'll spend some time revising this after today.

These are things I think I have to do and the list can grow.  They are in no specific order. 
Find some sort of job (This list may be a full time job!) Working for BCS now for over 2 years.
Find a place to live (besides out of my backpack) We are lucky enough to call Kinloch home. Granted we've moved around a bit.
Find a bike My bike stable looks pretty good.
Eat lamb I eat a fair amount of lamb.
Learn to surf (Still haven't learned to Surf)
Swim in Sea of Tasmania
Swim in Pacific Ocean
Explore the South Island: There is more to explore, but have been there several times.
Visit Australia Been there a few times for work and another for a vacation. Still have more to explore.
Go snowboarding  I've hit up Ruapehu, but need to get to the South Island at some point.
Find BBQ or make my own  I've got a Weber, but during the Summer I'm having to get a fire permit every 2 weeks and there are some periods where there is a complete fire bans.
Finish my coding project: I've got several that I'm working on, but never finish up.
Go tramping on one of the multi-day walks We have done several of the Great Walks and have plans to do several more this year.

Bike the Otago Trail: We are talking about doing this ride over Christmas this year.
Black-water rafting We did this awhile ago and I liked the walking tour more.

I've got a whole heap of things that I want to do and maybe I'll add it to this list as it looks pretty bare now that I've actually crossed things off.

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