Monday, March 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I spent the last couple days in SD saying goodbye to my friends and family.  This coming weekend we'll be in WI saying goodbye to Beth's family. I already have a lot of interest by friends and family to co me and visit.  Looks like I shouldn't get a real job and just be a professional tour guide for our visitors.  Then again people don't want to pay for my food bill.  Today I tackled a food challenge issued by Robert at the Ideal Diner in Minneapolis.  I ate 3 of Kevin's plate sized yellow batter pancakes along with a side of eggs (2) and bacon (3). 

2 weeks ago I was walked out of the office and I quickly immersed myself in a Wilderness First Responder course.  I spent 11 days in Arkansas and I learned a lot of useful skills in the course.  I'm now spending my time getting everything ready for our departure.  I have a list of loose ends to take care of here so that we can enjoy our time in NZ and not worry about the life we put on hold in MN. 

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