Friday, February 15, 2013

Trying to settle in

Sorry I've not taken any real photographs or done much exploring.  I've been quickly tossed into the mix at the new place.  Its a bit interesting.  Hopefully I can get my feet under me or its going to be a bumpy ride.  So I'm busy searching for a room to live.  I've found one that I liked and left a message with her last night.  Its on a no exit road that ends at the beginning of a several hour trail that meets up with a lot of other options.  I would have to either catch a ride with a co-worker (none found yet) or buy a car.  Regardless a car would be necessary as the closet grocery store would be 12 miles away.  Been surfing the sites for cars as well and that is how I spend my time.  Trying to settle in. 

Off to end my first week of work.

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