Saturday, July 25, 2015

Checking in

We've made it back to the States after a very long day. Haha. Of course I got pulled for the 'random' (only necessary for passengers to the US) screening. Then we had the pleasure of sitting in front of some young Aussies (probably college freshmen) going to 'the land of the free' for the first time. And they let you know it the entire flight. I may have slept 3 hrs total on the 13+ hr flight. We had just over 3 hrs in LAX to get to our connecting flight which we thought may be tight. Getting through LAX wasn't an issue as they are using some crazy electronic immigration terminals that printed a picture of you to be turned in as you left. It took about 30 minutes. We did get asked if we're bringing back Vegemite and I said that's not from New Zealand. Marmite would be what they eat and that there is a difference. Maybe not a good thing to say to immigration \customs officials. Now the fooding has begun. BBQ and Mexican so far.

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