Friday, July 17, 2015

Visiting the homeland

Next week, we'll be returning to the States for a brief visit. We'll be hitting a few States and trying to cram as much in as we can. Here is what is laid out so far.

This trip starts early with us heading to Auckland to have a get together with our friends there. Then hopping onto the plane heading West to Melbourne then another heading East to Los Angeles. Then another heading East to Dallas then another heading North to St Louis. This is where we plan on meeting up with our friend Steve. Whom has had his own adventures since seeing him last. Where do we know this stud from? He was on our burrito union team and we've played soccer together for years. All of this action is on the 23rd!

Next we pick up Sara up from the airport the next day and head to the family farm for a weekend of family reunion in Southern Illinois. This will be our only chance to see Beth's side of the family. I may get to eat some ribs and drink some sweet tea as well.

Sunday we fly to Minneapolis to meet up with my brother, Jake, and his family (Becky, Asa, and Juniper). They are picking us up from the airport and Beth has already voiced her opinion on eating at Punch Pizza on the way to their house. I'm sure the kids will be fine with that. That night I'm sure we'll play with the kids a bunch before crashing. They are going to be much bigger than the last time we saw them.

The next day we are heading to Aberdeen to see my folks and other family in the area for the next couple days. We may be bringing Asa and June with us, but I haven't heard definitively yet. Then on Wed we are going to Sioux Falls to see Otis and his growing family, Zerf in his new house, and Geffre. We head back to Minneapolis on Thursday where we are selling our kayak to a friend as we use it so I'm infrequently now.

Friday we have to checkout our renter and clean the place for the new renter who moves in the following day. From here our plans diverge. Beth is doing a half with Angi and Bri and I are doing a gravel ride on the 1st. Then I believe the plan is to go out to Jake's boat for a couple days of sailing and then biking back the 60+ miles to his house.

On Tuesday, Stef (another friend we have roped into burrito union and played soccer with), Beth, and I are doing a 7mile trail run in Hyland Park down by my aunt's house. Afterwards plan on grabbing a meal with friends and family.

From there plans are open, but I have serious eating and visiting to do. We have a list of places that we've been missing since we packed up. I won't bore you with the list but any friends I meet up with will secretly be scratching off a name on the list. Yes, I have a food list and a list of friends that I need to see. This includes and isn't limited to: Skog, Maria, Mary, Justin & Logan, Sludington & Paula, Pilon, Beth, Melissa, Proho, Shell, Matthew, Larry, Beth, George & Holly, and many others.

Saturday is paintball with the team. I'm going to see if my nephew Josiah is able to come play. Then prior to flying home Koderick and I'll be going out for a road ride. While I'm doing this Beth and Angi will be hitting the slots in Vegas.

We land a few days after we leave and then after faced with a 3.5 hr drive back to our quaint little hamlet of roughly 400. Where we are in full winter mode not the steamy mess we'll be leaving that is the mid-west summer. It will be right back to running and riding trails as we got events on the horizon. I have K2 and Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge for big rides. Then we are doing the Queenstown Marathon again. This is all in for a 2nd run at Ironman NZ.

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