Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a quickie, but more to come

If the SD card, the culprit will probably utter this.
We are back on the North Island and I have a long post that just needs the images to be uploaded and inserted before I post it.  It will take a little longer as Beth left the camera on the bus and has to get it shipped up to us from Nelson.  If some ass monkey took the SD card I will go spider monkey on someone.  I also had to get dressed up more than I wanted to for my second day of work as Beth's luggage was misplaced on their flight from Westport due to having hand written baggage tags and boarding passes.  Who needs technology when you got paper and pen?

Beth's parents are going it alone for a couple days in Rotorua and other nearby areas as Beth has a back log of work.  I also just started my 7 days a week work week schedule.  If I follow my previous work ethic, I should have their current processes shaped up in a week or so.  From there it is on to new development and providing a level of support and instruction that they have never received.  Any way I got to go attack Peru.  My long recap will be coming in the next day or so

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