Monday, July 2, 2012

Does it surprise anyone?

I will get to enjoy summer here!
I'm officially extending my stay in NZ.  I have verbally accepted the offer extended today for a 6 month data analyst contract.  Today, I met with the CEO, Jen, and Nici for a final interview at NZ Avocado.  I'm guessing that over the past week there were several conversations around me as the interview was more about some general things rather than in depth questions.  For one was the story behind my email address.  I got the nickname for having a slow modem back in 1995.  Ah my 14.4 was not up to par with my friends 33.6.  I'll be starting in 2 weeks.  Jen asked what I plan on doing after my OE (overseas experience) and I said I didn't know.  She mentioned that they work closely with a company in California, who owns avocado orchards in both the US and New Zealand.  It will be good to branch out my network as who knows where we'll end up.

I'll have to find another place to live as Beth will be returning in September and I don't want to shell out the money to live here alone.  I'll probably look for a flatmate in a furnished place that is still in the Mount.  I want to be able to use the SUP and surf boards that we purchased.

On the same tangent, I was reached out to on LinkedIn today about a multinational team for a Systems/Reporting Analyst role.  I will talk to the recruiter about the opportunity as it might be a good  place to grease the wheel for later down the road. 

(This post was originally longer, but blogger decided to act up and I lost it all.)

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