Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Asa and June

I got this email this morning from Becky who typed up what my niece and nephew had to say.  I hope at some point they can understand the wunderlust that I feel.  Right now I bet they believe they have a crazy uncle who just wanted to run away.  I'm not getting away.  Rather I think I am discovering how resourceful I can be.  You experience a whole new set of trials when you are without your safety net of friends and family.  Its like when you try to embrace being a teen or an adult and you don't want the help, but its always there.  Here the help is a lot further away and doesn't come as often.  Letters like this make it harder to stay longer as my family is a big part of my life.  I has been almost 8 years since I first met Asa.  I did miss his birth as I was living in Japan.  My temporary stay in New Zealand is not new, but its the first time that they both have to experience it.  We don't get to spend summer evenings playing outside at the park or grilling.  We don't get to play hide and seek around the recently remodeled basement.  I don't get to experience with them their first time to Colorado and going across the canopy on zip lines.  I miss sections of their lives and they will miss sections of mine.  It doesn't make it any easier.  So when I am with them I try to make the most of it. 

Love you guys. 

From Juniper:

Come back soon and come to our house.  Have you had a good time in New Zealand?  Have you been taking pictures of churches?
I am doing good.  This summer I have been swimming.  I heart you.

To Juniper,
I'll be back as soon as I can.  I got another job out in New Zealand and I have to work longer than I was planning.  I am having a great time out here.  I have made lots of friends and we go out running in the park, bike riding, and hang out.  We have been out sailing in the harbor and playing on a snow covered mountain.  There are a lot of churches here, but I haven't taken too many pictures of them.  Do you want me to take some of them?  I'm glad you are swimming as I haven't gotten too many opportunities to swim as it is winter here.  The winter here is not like Minneapolis as they don't get snow.  Its more like fall than winter.  Beth's parents are here and we are heading down to Christchurch.  They will be here for 14 days.  Love you June.

How are you doing?  Are you doing well?  Is your job doing well?  The wedding in Colorado was really good.
Love, Juniper


From Asa:

Dear Kaleb and Beth,
How's your time been in New Zealand?   How are you doing?  I've been having a good summer.  I've gone to the water park, gone sailing, and played with my friends.  We went to the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore.  Then we went to the Cosmos and the gravity was all weird.  That's all we've done so far this summer.  We'll write to you later.  Bye.

To Asa,
Our time in New Zealand is flying by.  Can you believe its almost your birthday?  We are doing well.  Right now in fact we are taking a little vacation to do some wandering around New Zealand.  Did you know New Zealand is 2 islands?  We live on the North, but we are going down to the South to go to a Chocolate Carnival and to see some penguins.  From the sounds of it, you are having a pretty fun summer.  I'm jealous that your pappa bought a sail boat and can take you guys out whenever you want.  I've only got to go out a couple times here.  We'll have to go for a bike ride and a sailing adventure when I get back.  Love ya Asa.

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