Monday, October 29, 2012

Almost feels like summer

The Mount from the harbor bridge
Don't want to jinx it but it is getting up in the 20s and feeling a bit like how summer should feel.  I haven't had summer in over 12 months.  We left MN in April to come to New Zealand to experience their winter (aka lots of rain) and were supposed to be back in September for fall back in MN.  Change of plans and I get to experience summer instead of 3 winters without a summer, sorry Beth. 

The days are getting longer and the temp is increasing.  Unfortunately so in the wind.  We are getting pounded with crazy winds all the time.  However this past weekend was awesome.  I have a separate post for it, but lets just say the weather was stunning.  Today I got the paddle board out for 30 minutes on Pilot Bay before my quads and feet couldn't take any more.  So I paddled in, but I did do 1 full lap of the boats and then half.  So next time, I'll increase either the distance or speed at which I do it.
Slipped off the pedal while going up my driveway. 

We got our first cruise ship in as well.  I was biking into work this morning and the road I live on was busier than normal.  It was lined with taxis and bike hire vans and there was a giant cruise ship docked at the dairy at the end of the Mall next to the police station.  My boss went out for a walk today at lunch and said she heard a lot of different accents coming from the old people today.  So she knew they weren't the typical old people around Tauranga.

I'm getting spotted more and more by people I know.  Its a weird sensation to start fit in.  I get honked and waved at by friends who see me walking or biking around.  I get flagged down while riding to join up with the bunch ride.  A guy I rode with this past weekend was working at my boss's house and he mentioned he was doing K2 and she commented that I was doing K2 and if he knew me.  Of course he did.  Its a small place this Tauranga, but its big enough that not everyone knows me. 
Can you notice the large gouge in my old tire?

I'm in the process of writing a recap of K2 and I have plans on doing several other rides in the next month.  There is the ride around the lake, which is is 2 laps (42km each) around Lake Rotorua and then the 160km ride around Lake Taupo.  After that I might have to find some other rides to do.  The areas I've been riding are nothing like home.  There is elevation and crappy roads.  Its not to say our roads are awesome back home year round, but after construction season the asphalt is amazing.  Here they put down what they affectionately call 'big chip' on top of fresh asphalt.  Why?  I have no idea, but I'm sure it has something to do with pissing off bikers.  On an awesome note and I hope I don't jinx myself, but I haven't had a flat in over 1300km!  I can't praise my Gatorskin tires enough.

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