Monday, October 1, 2012

Recap of what I've been doing.

New tan line
So its been about 3 weeks since Beth has left New Zealand and I'm missing a lot of the little things.    Like being able to talk about the little daily things and being able to unwind with her.  We do talk on Skype a fair amount but its either a quick blurb before work or if it is something pressing, I may wake her after I get done with my shift.   Not to say that I'm sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.  For instance, I have gotten this awesome tan line from 2 rides.  Ok, there might be a little burn, but it will be a dark tan soon enough.
Meeting up at the Tect Park on Pyes Pa.

I haven't been idle since she has left and here is a quick recap of the things I have been doing.
Taking off layers in Pyes Pa.
  1. I put in my notice at macpac
    1. I want to experience NZ more than my 1 day a week off allows me.
    2. I do enjoy the people and the fun that the job has brought me, but my sanity will need it.
  2. I've been logging some good miles on my bike.
  3. Martin, Cliff, Clive, Julie, Andy, Me, and a guy who looks like Sweat Man.
    1. Did a training ride with the guys from Koop's for the K2 ride on Oct 27th.  Happens to be the K1 course, which I'm trying to convince Faye into doing.
    2. Did a training ride with some of the same guys this past weekend doing the Rotorua Loop.  
      1. Its an absolutely stunning loop that is a bunch of gradual climbing with some sharp peaks and then an awesome downhill ride.  I was constantly swiveling my head to admire the views.  We went around the backside of Lake Rotorua and I really wanted to go for a dip.
    3. Signed up for the K2 ride and thinking of signing up for the Taupo Cycle Challenge.
  4. Indoor rock climbing.  I've been trying to get there a couple times a week and work on my footwork and strengthening my technique.  I'm going to migrate outside soon as it is starting to feel like summer.
  5. I've started going to gym101 with the guys from Koop's as well.  I will be going there 3 times a week at 6:15.  It is about 2km down the road.  I went and did a workout last Wed with them and buggered my knee (yes the one that has been repaired twice).  I just tweaked it and it swelled up later in the day.  It was feeling good today (Monday) so I went in for another workout.  Still a little sore, but I'm managing to walk without drastic pain.
    1. Finding an ice pack took a lot of time and they are $15.  
    2. I've not been working out other than biking and some running and doing these sessions reminds me of the Brick house workouts.  Oh do I have some pain to bring when I come back.  Well if I come back.
  6. Phil might be joining me for a part of the planned cycle tour.  He is very jealous of what I am planning and I extended an offer for him to ride part of it with me if he wishes.  He sounded pretty keen on the idea.  Started rambling off places that he had contacts that we could stay with.
  7. Phil from Koop's last Tuesday night while dropping me off after spin, stated manner of factly that I should move to New Zealand permanently.  He gave a bunch of reasons, but the one that stuck with me is that I'm a good guy that gets on with the Kiwi spirit.  No worries.
  8. Sunset from in-front of my flat.
    1. My boss also likes this idea.  I happened to tell my co-worker and boss about the conversation I had with Phil and this kicked Nici's imagination into high gear.  She has told me she was looking at the immigration site.  
    2. Beth and I are talking about what this move would me.  There would be a lot of things to cover off on in order to make this a reality.
  9. Running around the Mount and enjoying the weather.  Sorry Beth, but the weather has gotten nicer since you left.  Only 2 days of rain so far.
  10. Enjoying the hot pools as well to recover from my many activities.

So I've been kind of busy, but I've also been looking at flights, bikes, and touring gear.  I'm also looking at other bike tourers on Twitter and starting to make some contacts.  I've found a series of flights back for a pretty good price and I'm researching how much the checked bike is going to cost.  I'm scoping out a Disc Trucker for my touring bike.  Why the change?  After the couple rides in various conditions and over various steep hills, I think I would prefer having disc brakes.  I'm willing to sell my Cross Check in order to partially finance my purchase.  Who wants to buy a 56cm Surly Cross Check?  I don't have the same components as stock as I pulled the group set off my old Jake the Snake.  The frame itself is only a couple years old.  For touring gear, I'm looking at a bunch of things, but I'm not positive on anything yet.  I have had people asking what I want for my birthday and Christmas, but I don't know yet.

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