Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The little things

CR-V Slap
So this afternoon after getting off the bus at the Hot Pools and starting to limp back to the flat, I came across not 1, not 2, but 3 CR-Vs and there was no one around to slap.  What gives?

Limping?  I tweaked my cadaver knee a couple weeks ago and it was feeling fine on Monday until I tweaked it again. 

What is this CR-V slap you mention?  It's the International game sweeping the World, where you get to lightly back-hand the person you are with while saying 'CR-V Slap'.  There aren't that many rules and most everyone can play.   


  1. One slap per CR-V.
    1. Slap the upper arm to shoulder with a back hand motion
  2. Can only hit once per 24 hour period if the vehicle doesn't move
  3. A miss-slap is punished with a slap from the person on the receiving end of the miss-slap.
    1. Miss-slap is slapping someone while misidentifying a CR-V.
  4. Honda Dealerships are off limits
    1. Used Car Dealerships are free game
  5. Don't hit the person so hard that they can't continue to drive


  1. Don't be the driver
  2. Look in parking lots
  3. Look down side roads
  4. Driver's use the rear-view and side mirror to your advantage

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