Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did I shave enough off for my run?

Home of the Mt Maunganui Half Marathon
I've been looking forward to this day shortly after getting to the Mount.  Beth and I completed our first international race.  Granted it was only a run and not our typical triathlons, but it is winter here.  Beth did the 10k run as she had some pretty wicked blisters from our adventures in Taupo and Wellington.  I did the half.  I have lots of experience on the course as I've been running most of it since I got here.  After opening up my door I usually run the road parallel to Pilot Bay and head up around the base track and then down the road along the main beach or just run down the beach.  Up until today the farthest I have ran since getting here was just shy of 10 miles and I wasn't doing long runs back home as it was the tail end of winter. 
Today was close to the perfect day for a race.  I would have actually liked it a bit colder as I get very hot when exercising, but there was almost no wind and a temp of about 50 degrees.  I have no idea on the number of entrants, but our normally quite town is over ran with visitors today.  To top it off the Queen's birthday is cause enough to have lots of sales.  There was a race option for almost everyone.  Including different distances 5k, 10k, 21.1k and walking only, jogging/running, and wheelchair.  There was a couple disciplines that started before me so the course was already littered with slower moving people.  Our start was at 9 am, but we did not cross a timing mat only a speed bump to signify the starting location.  I didn't get to crest the bump for 2 minutes, but I was using my watch to keep my time.  I should have worn my fuel belt for my personal hydration instead of being at the mercy of the planned points as I believe they were in ackward locations (see first stop was at .5k).  I made the best of each stop other than the first.  I would take 2 glasses and dump a refreshing glass of water on my head and then walk while I managed to drink a couple mouthfuls before splashing the rest on my face.
Fast forward to the end of the race.  I tried to utter some words of motivation to a couple of people in pain as I passed them to cross the line.  I'm feeling pretty good about my performance giving the short time to ready for a distance race.  My left calf is a little tight and so are both of my quads.  Funny that it happens to be on the outside about halfway between my hip and knee though.  I typically get sore on the end of the quad by my knee.  The last time I ran this distance was last year at the Chisago Half Ironman.  I had to battle a pulled hamstring and pretty bad cramps last year and managed to finish in 2:23 after my 2k swim and 90k bike.  This race I wanted to complete the race under 2 hours.  According to my watch I finished in 1:55.03.  I would like to think that my haircut had something to do with it. 
My original goal was not to cut my hair until I returned.  This may not sound that impressive, but I typically let my hair grow for a couple months over winter and chop it in early spring.  It has been over 8 months since my last cut.  My hair was just a little shy of being able to be pulled back in a pony tail.  However, over the past couple weeks while riding or running I felt like I had a hot, wet mop on my head.  I constantly felt like I was over heating so I took my buzzer and started to shave my head.  I didn't get very far before my thick head of hair brought my razor to its knees.  Unfortunately, I had to be to work in a couple hours.  So I did a quick walk down Maunganui Road to look for a barber or salon that was open and had time for a walk in.  After several disappointments, I found a guy that was just opening up and I snuck in.  I just sat down and he went to work.  I had no idea what it was going to cost, but I didn't have much choice as I was under the gun to get to work.  My head was shaved, chops trimmed, sides faded (don't recall asking for this, but couldn't just do one side), hair shampooed, and neck trimmed up.  Grand total?  $15. 

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