Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week in review and plans

I've been busy working 4 days a week since Jollene is on vacation for the month of June and the shifts have to be covered.  My co-worker Alice and I ordered pizzas for lunch from Hell Pizza on Sunday.  We got the 2 dessert pizzas and a savory pizza, Pandemonium.  The pizza was topped with Chicken, Cranberry Sauce, Cranberries and Camembert.  Last week, I was sick, but I'm feeling much better now.  My lungs are still somewhat congested.  I got out for a run around the Mount on Sunday and I proceeded to do push-ups, dips, or sit-ups at every bench.  I passed some people only to get passed as I was doing my body weight exercises.  Doing the 5k was pretty difficult as I was constantly congested.  Tonight, I got back to my weekly spin class and my lungs were full of mucous.  All I wanted to do was cough up all my snot.  Phil commented that he didn't recognize me as I got my hair cut.  We did a lot of replicated hill work and increased RPM for set intervals.  Faye, the assistant manager, is trying to get me to attend her spin class on Mondays, but that is very hard because we are both working Mondays and we both can't take a break at the same time.

Mount Ngauruhoe

We are heading down to Taupo tomorrow to tackle the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on Thursday.  It is a 19km hike that should take between 7-9 hours.  We will be walking through the land of Mordor and getting close to Mount Ngauruhoe, which many will know as Mt Doom.  We have been looking at doing this for some time and with winter coming we have to get to it.  On Friday, we are talking about doing some kayaking in the area as well.  This may be on Lake Taupo or on one of the many rivers.  We will be getting back late on Friday night for my shifts on Saturday morning.

Plans for another day:
Phil told me about an awesome ride that I would love to do.  Its the 42 Traverse, which is grade 3 ride that is 46 km that should take 3-6.  I wonder who I can talk into do the ride with me.  Any takers?  There is also snowboarding at Mt. Ruapehu.  They will be having their Mardi Gras celebration soon enough.

I'll be posting some pictures once we get back either Friday or Saturday night.

As I write this, I'm watching "Paul".  Its a nerd movie and the main characters just walked into a bar where the hick band is playing the Cantina Song from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  This movie is pretty awesome.  However, their bar fight didn't end in someone getting their arm cut-off.  Would have been pretty cool if it did.

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  1. So, relative to Mount Doom and the Shire, where would you say you two reside?