Saturday, June 9, 2012

Early morning footy and the sickness

Eurocup 2012 has started and games are being shown live on Sky Sports, which means 3 am kick off.  I caught part of the first game and all of the 2nd today.  So now I'm debating about going to bed early and waking up early to watch the tournament.  This brings back memories of when Beth and I first went backpacking together across Europe in 2002.  We would wake up early to watch the World Cup 2002 games, hosted in Japan and S. Korea, at the hostel or local pub.  Watching soccer really has me fixing to play again.  Anybody know of an ACL that has been only lightly used?  I will most likely put it through the wringer so I don't want one that is already trashed.

On a side note, I was sick from Tuesday to Thursday.  I had a wicked fever and congestion.  I was expecting to either do the Tongariro or a lot of kilometers on the bike.  Unfortunately, I was resigned to sleeping a ton.  Felt really on Friday so I made a chicken curry with kumara (sweet potato), carrots, onion, bamboo shoots, baby corn, and coconut milk served over rice.  We also had some small choppy waves, so we grabbed our surf boards for a quick outing.  This being the 2nd attempt at surfing.  There was only one other surfer and an older dude in a whitewater kayak rocking the waves.  Kayaking the waves looked like a lot of fun.  I would like to give it a try at some point.  I was able to get to my front foot and up on my back knee for a good distance before I got tossed.  Other than that I only saw the "good" surfer get up a few times.  Not much to work with, but it was fun to get out and try. 

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