Monday, May 21, 2012

Achievements Unlocked So Far

Achievement whore? Maybe.  Did I get the man on man points in Dragon Age?  Yes.

From my previous post: Bucket List for New Zealand.  I have completed the following:
No longer such a mooch -> 15
No Place Like Home -> 50
How much does that bike weigh? -> 100Put this one in a wheel chair will ya -> 5
Is that a shark? -> 10

Our deck, easy to pass the SUP over the railing.

Quick recap for those who want to play the achievement game.  I have eaten heaps of lamb since I got here.  I knew that was going to be an easy victory, but all games have them.  From my previous post, I would recommend putting an animal wheelchair on Kickstarter pretty quick.

Next, we got settled into a place called "The Atlas".  The 34 apartment building is in a prime location with both Pilot's Bay and the ocean one block away.  Of these apartments, many are filled with working holiday visitors like myself.  However, they work on the seasonal job front of picking kiwis and pruning the orchards.  If I had a car, I would have probably been working there.  Instead I have this beauty.
Avanti Cadent in the TDF color scheme.
The Avanti Cadent that I picked up has been called a flash bike that is fresh.  I'm assuming that flash is awesome and costs a boat load.  While fresh means costs a boat load and is new.  I'm not disagreeing with those adjectives.  Its a fun bike that I have been putting on the kilometers.  However not all of which have been tracked as I have participating in a weekly spin class that runs an hour.  Phil the man who sold me the bike runs this at Maungatapu Primary School.  He has been kind enough to say we can stay at this bach, vacation home, for free which is up in the Coromandel Peninsula. 

I got a part-time job.  My co-workers are fun and interesting.  Its really laid back and chill.  I get to play with tons of outdoor gear and after 3 months my discount kicks in and then it will be on like Donkey Kong.  I try on stuff daily and I am making a list of what I would like.  Goodbye pay check and hello mooching.

Swimming has happened on a few occasions in the Pacific, but Beth is missing the smell of chlorine.  So she has been searching for a master's class to attend.  I brought my brand new, never been worn before wetsuit along and I've been putting it to good use.  I have swam without it as the water is still warmer than the water temp for TriBuff.

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