Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pulling plastic and getting wet

Sunset over Tauranga as seen from Bayfair trail.
First off, we viewed the Super Moon this past weekend on the top of Mauao.  It was a chilly evening on the summit, but the view was worth it.  There was a pretty awesome sunset on one side and a massive moon on the other.  I kept switching back and forth taking pictures.  Probably would have helped to have a dSLR, but I spend my money on other toys and adventures. 
Sunset as seen from Mauao.
Super Moon over Tauranga Harbor
Beth and I got to take out the SUP a few times as the weather been really calm.  I had some initial difficulties with my balance.  We started off in Pilots Bay where the water was awfully choppy so we ended up at the Matakana Island Beach.  It was a lot more pleasant and the water was only a little chilly.  I have to say that it is similar to snowboarding in the sense that my legs were working like a shock absorber and then paddling from the core.  Just make sure you don't paddle to hard and throw yourself off balance. 
Taking a break in Pilots Bay

On the work front, I've had a couple shifts and a couple training sessions.  My co-workers are pretty fun.  Michelle, from Scotland, only lives a couple blocks away so we were commuting to work together, but alas she is moving back to Queenstown for a winter job on the mountain.  I'm going to try to get down there in August with Skog for snowboarding.  Alice and I went running in the dark around the base track of Mauao.  Not once but twice.  It was probably the stupidest thing I have done since getting here.  On Tuesday, we went to the rock house for some indoor climbing.  The last time I climbed was some bouldering down in Jasper during my WFR course.  I think we did problems for about 3 hours.  My hands are still a little sore.  It was good to pull some plastic though and do some top rope climbing.
Menagerie, friends' sailboat

Someone didn't need a break.
 The last couple days it has been pouring out and I had to go into the CBD to meet up with Sara the tech recruiter I was working with before I left the US.  She is still optimistic that she can get me a contract for a tech role. I'm pretty much indifferent.  Today is a sunny day with a good surf report for the next couple days so we finally get a chance to go out and get our second hand boards wet.  It should be fun regardless if I get up or not, but I'm optimistic that I'll get up at least once. 

Hope those living vicariously through us are having fun because we are.

Added new albums of pictures:
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