Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pie Obsession? More like I love food.

Mad Mexican Pie from One Tree Bakery
Pie obsession?  More like I love food.  It just happens to be pies at the moment.  It could be worse.  I could be lobster or something else really expensive like Kobe Beef.  However, it all started while traveling around from country to country.  Looking around to see what are the locals eating.  Argentina they were eating mass amount of awesome meat, but they also put that meat into nice little empanadas.  We were soon on the lookout for the small mom and pop type empanada stands or store fronts.  The best empanadas we found were in a bus terminal.  I was always on the prowl for another empanada and probably ate 1 or 2 a day.  Back in Minneapolis, I get my empanada fix from Carlos who runs Chimborazo on 29th and Central.  He only has 2 on the menu one sweet and the other savory.  On special occasions he makes others. 
Chimborazo: sweet empanada in the upper right.
In Japan, I was addicted to eating onigiri.  Typically a rice ball filled with a savory filling and then wrapped in nori, or sea-weed.  These make great snacks and are super cheap and filling.  When Skog and I went to Yamagata last year, we were treated to fresh onigiri each morning for breakfast.  They were warm and moist and would melt in your mouth.  We also had spicy salmon roe potato salad, but that is a different story.  Onigiri is like a blank canvas it can filled with fish, chicken, plum, or nothing.  It can be dripped in sesame seeds, or even grilled and topped with shredded nori or mayo.  They are just delightful little treats that are readily accessible and incredibly tasty.

Here in New Zealand they have pies.  Pies come with a variety of fillings and are topped with a pastry top or mashed potato.  To list a few, I have eaten mince pie, steak and cheese pie, steak and vege pie, chicken and corn pie, lamb pie, smoked fish pie, seafood pie, and plenty more.  I don't want to compare them to frozen pot pies as they typically suck.  Their appearance may be comparable though.  They are fast to order and come packed with flavor.  They typically have a flaky pastry top crust that crumbles in your mouth and melts on your tongue.  The non-top crust is a solid structure holding back the savory filling goodness.  I have made the mistake of puncturing the bottom of the pie with the tongs only to have the meaty filling start to seep out.  The fillings are varied and it seems to me only limited by the baker's imagination or culinary skills.  You can find small bakeries all over the place that sell their own creations or stop by a convenience store to by a mass produced pie.  I have found several places to be a repeat customer, but I will continue to explore the area for new places to eat.  I have yet to find a pie I did not like, but you know that is not likely to happen.  I love to eat.

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  1. I am in awe of your adventures! Thank you for sharing Kaleb!