Monday, April 9, 2012

All the cool kids jump over the date line

Beth will be joining me tomorrow.  I've been busy exploring the city.  I've tracked my walking and its about a marathon since I started to explore the different neighborhoods.  I've done CBD, Mt Eden, Ponsonby, New Market, Parnel, and a few others that I don't recall their names.  Each little nook has its own feel.  Right now if I had to make a decision, it would be Mt Eden, mainly cause of the awesome hills it has and I'm a gluten for punishment on the bike. 

Talking about bikes I will have to wonder over to the second hand bike store tomorrow and see what they got.  I have found 4 other bike stores of which only 2 were open.  When I walked into both of them, it was like a swift kick to the berries.  I own an expensive bike already, but these just look to be your run of the mill road bikes but the price tags claim otherwise.  I think the cheapest bike I saw was a couple grand and then upwards of 8k for a frame and fork.  On these bikes I saw a mix of components but mainly 105 and only some with red.  I can't see myself dropping close to 4k for 105.  Also helmets are mandatory here and they cost about as much as my ACL reconstruction.  I've seen them for as cheap as $200 and as expensive as $500.  I could probably blow my entire savings on a bike before Beth even gets here.  This makes looking for a job even more important.

On the job front, I have been working with 3 different recruiters in 3 different cities.  It has been interesting as I was meeting on Skype and emailing over the past couple months, but now that I'm here I'll have to go pound some pavement to get something rolling.  I'm pretty sure I can pick up some odd ball jobs as that is what most travelers do, but I want a fun job.  Maybe I can talk someone into letting me use their house for the next big thing.  Close quarters paintball with real hostages! 
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