Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Google: Find me a job in New Zealand

A lot of sites pop up don't they?  I've been cruising forums and job agency sites for a couple months now for a lead in some sort of employment.  There have been some favorable interactions and  I'm working with 3 different recruiters in 3 different cities to find me some sort of contract work for a Business Analyst or developer.  This would be close to what I have been doing for the past 5+ years and I know it would pay the bills.  I also know it wouldn't allow me all the time to have some fun in this new land.  So I have also been applying for more fun roles like an on-call Postie (deliver mail daily by bike!), kayak guide, and a baker.  Most of my searching was done while still back in the States, but now that I'm here, I've noticed a lot of signs up for random type of jobs.  I have my mandatory orientation tomorrow for the work program and maybe there will be some more insightful tips.  Right now I might have better luck getting a bike and riding around looking for postings on storefronts instead of the internet.  As the internet is pretty impersonal even though I have been using Skype for some initial get to know you meetings.

Do I have to resort to this?
I would have to have my cosplay gear sent over and that would probably cost more than I would make.  I saw some pretty talented people at it last night.  There was a girl doing opera.  There was even a guy in a donkey mask playing the clarinet.  I will find some way to make some money to cross off things on the NZ bucket list.

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