Monday, April 16, 2012

Plans for staying active


I'm still looking for a bike.  I am going to test ride with Phil of Koop's Cycling tomorrow.  They sell Avanti and Scott bikes.  The other shops sell Specialized, Lapierre, Merida, Trek, and Giant.  The problem I'm facing is do I get a bike just to get by or do I buy a bike to bring home?  If I get a bike to bring home, I'm kinda of a bike snob so I wont fork money out for crappy components and the bike has to ride awesome.  Also why would I go around the world and bring back a bike I can easily get from a local dealer?  I would rather support local here and represent when I return.  Just have to find a bike that works.  Guess I'll be logging some test rides. (On a side note, while looking for the image above I found there was at least one Pugsley in NZ).  My buddy Skog and I want to ask Surly if we could represent them by touring around Japan and possibly the World on decked out Pugs.
Tauranga has a road cycling club that meets on both Sat and Sun for rides.  Then on every other Wed they have a MTB ride on the walkways throughout the town.  Phil said he would take me out to show me the town.  The Specialized store has an early morning  Wed ride that I might be able to squeeze in as well.  Aaron, you are missing out on what I expect to be epic rides.

May 6th: Cycle for Life
It is up in Auckland, but they have a 120km - 46km - 26km courses.  I would love to get to bike in Auckland as it looked pretty challenging.  I might have to read


A good way to see my new city is by pounding the streets.  I packed a pair of shoes, a couple technical shorts and t's, heart rate monitor, and my fuel belt for longer runs.  Today (4/16) marked my first run in New Zealand.  Temp was mid 50s also known locally as fine.  My run was 4 miles stopping at benches and at my turn around point to do dips and push-ups.  It was a sweaty affair.  I might have to invest in a tank.  My plan is to continue doing the body weight exercises and if I come across a playground I'll be doing pull-ups and hanging leg lifts.  Tomorrow I'll be doing the full 9k Waikareao Estuary.  On Wed after we move to our apt, I'll have about a 5k from our place and around the base of the hill. 

For further motivation, while looking for events in The Mount, I found this:
June 3rd: Hlaf Marathon I'll be signing up as its $20 and it will give me something to train for.

 Surfing & SUP:


We are surfing TradeMe (cross between Craigslist and Ebay) for surf boards.  We were out bid on a board yesterday as we were in the dreaded roaming/no service part of the island.  SUP is stand up paddling for those not in the know.


We have tramping (hiking) through the National Parks.  We went to Mordor on 4/15.  It doubles as a Ski resort in the Winter instead of a place to destroy.  Well that could be a year round attribute depending on who you ask. 

We have 2 beaches so swimming may happen.  The water temp might require the use of our wetsuits, but hell we brought them along for a reason and not just to get to the 50# airline weight minimums.

We are looking to hire kayaks from time to time to explore the coast and the close laying islands.

I haven't even touched on scuba, sailing, para-sailing, or any other tourist type of activity that we may participate on.  I was sticking to the ones that we'll do on a consistent basis.

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