Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Day: Kiwi day of rememberance.

Today marks ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) Day here in New Zealand where they kicked off the day at 5 am with a parade.  We were entertained with about 2 hours of bagpipes followed by and aerial display of vintage planes rolling and swooping over the park a block away.  By the time I got the camera, the pilots were working their way farther down the beach.  For more info:

I was joking with my friends that I didn't have to work today as its a National Holiday.  This message was quickly followed with another stating I still don't have a job yet.  Anyway, Beth went out with Tina, a friend of a friend from back home, last night.  She pointed out some places to Beth that we should try and introduced her to the owner of the bar on the corner.  Today we met up with Tina again and was introduced to Nicole.  This could be a fun introduction as they own a 26 foot sail boat that moors at the end of Commons, which is one of the streets that our apartment resides on.  We have been invited to go out sailing.  Beth had mentioned last night to Tina that I completed several sailing courses last year.  I just excited to use those skills.  I was walking around the boat getting a feel for where everything was today and it needs a little work on the mast before going out tomorrow.   

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  1. So jealous about the sailing possibilities. I took a sailing course last year and absolutely loved it. I'm already thinking of making my own ice boat and sail boat. Take pictures if you go sailing!