Monday, April 16, 2012

Living arrangements!

We got this sweet as 2 bed room a couple blocks right on the main strip.  Lets be honest.  This is probably the most I have ever paid for an apartment, but at least we get maid service weekly.  That is right, we'll have someone clean up after our raging keggers.  We found this place on Saturday in an apartment/holiday complex called The Atlas.  For our monies, beside the 2 bed rooms, we get a little deck for morning toast and tea, no oven (so no baking until I get back), a small range, and a microwave that has a grill option.  As Google shows, we are only a couple blocks from 2 beaches, my new training partner, and a Sunday Farmer's Market (rain or shine).  There is also a butcher further down Maunganui Rd that I will be a patron of.  We still have to figure out where to buy groceries other than going over the 4km bridge into Tauranga or out to Bayfair (see mall with 90+ stores). 

Our second bed room doesn't have bunk beds or even 2 singles.  It will allow our guest(s) to have some extra room.

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