Monday, April 30, 2012

Cool bananas

True Justice: Steven Seagal
So how are we spending our time?  Walking, running, biking, water sports, reading lots of books, eating pies, looking for a job (got an interview at macpac), programming project in c#, and trying to learn why their television is so fascinating.  Their tv and roadside PSAs are scary as hell.  TV stations: music video channels, a track (horse racing) channel, maori channel, 2 chinese channels, 1 movie channel (where Steven Seagal doesn't do a movie, he does an entire season/series; True Justice), 3 sports channels, and a history channel.  Their sport channels show soccer (sweet as), rugby, darts, netball, jet boat racing, triathlon, biking, and cricket.  I'm sure I missed something, but for the most part there is nothing on the sports channels that resembles anything back home. Road sides are littered with these
So you'll probably notice that I will use some funky language in the blog from time to time.  Everyday I hear heaps of different figures of speech.  There is heaps or a lot.  There is sweet as or awesome.  Not to be confused for sweet ass.  Cheers instead of thanks.  I get called mate instead just hey.  The weather forecast is always fine or becoming fine.  I just assume that it means sunny.  We are in the area that supposedly gets 2200 hours a year of sun, while the average in NZ is 2000. 

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