Thursday, April 12, 2012

Working yet?

No job yet, but I've taken a few steps in the right direction.  Some key milestones have been realized in my quest for employment.  I should almost treat this experience like an Xbox 360 game and give myself those ultra valuable achievements.
  • I attended the mandatory IEP orientation yesterday.  Only my opinion: A boring 3 hours that could have probably been consolidated into about 30 minutes for veteran travelers, but this program includes everyone.  I just sat there and ate Kiwi chocolate and it was tasty. 
  • We got our mobile phones up and running on the 2 Degrees network.  Pretty cheap, $19 for X # of calls, X # of texts, and X # of MB of data.  We can top up at grocery stores or the conbini.
  •  I applied for my IRD number which allows me to be taxed at 17.5 percent instead of 45% and I should get that number in 2 weeks.  This is similar to your social security number in the states.  
  • I also opened up a bank account today which will allow me to get paid as most employers only do direct deposit.  They are also very keen on the use of ETFPOS (Electronic Transfer of Funds Point Of Sale).  It works just like a debit card.  Scary thing is I have never had a debit card.  I have only ever had the ATM functionality until now.  
 Achievements Unlocked:
Listen here rookie -> 35
Can you hear me now? -> 10
Nah Nah Tax Man -> 20
Can I get paid now?? -> 5

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